The votes are in and the winner of the 9th Subcircuit Preston Vacancy primary is Abbey Fishman Romanek, to whom I offer my heartiest congratulations.

I want to thank all my supporters, campaign workers and well wishers for all the hard work, love and encouragement I was blessed to receive.  Although I would have greatly preferred a different result, my quest to serve as a Circuit Court Judge is not over. It's just deferred.

Unofficial Vote Totals:
6174 Abbey Fishman Romanek
4083 Michael Alan Strom
3722 Thomas M. Cushing
1802 Brian Alexander
1719 Michael Francis Otto

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I want to serve our community as a Circuit Court Judge because I have a passion for equal justice under the law and deep appreciation for the hard work our judges perform every day resolving disputes from the most complex and catastrophic to small claims and traffic court charges. Judges play a crucial role in making our courts more effective and efficient for the many parties, witnesses, citizens serving on juries, and attorneys prosecuting or defending cases in our public courtrooms. A good judge can also assure that everyone in a courtroom is treated with dignity and respect.

As an attorney for 35 years, I earned a reputation for bringing people together - making it easier for them to find common ground for settlements or jury trials without getting sidetracked by anger or personality clashes. 

I learned from the best judges, attorneys, mediators and arbitrators how to resolve cases, a skill I would like to put to work to improve our judicial system.

I also have volunteered to teach, coach and mentor Chicago Public Schools students for the past 30 years. It’s my way of repaying for the public education that helped me, my parents, siblings and children achieve success. Over the years, I have seen how the tremendous resources available to our judges, courts, attorneys and bar associations can be used to help children in difficult situations raise their sights and fulfill their potential. As a judge, I will remain committed to pursuing innovative ways to help our schools and community above and beyond my courtroom duties.
Cook County Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans swears in Michael as President of the Decalogue Society of Lawyers
June 27, 2012

“I am proud to endorse Michael Strom for Circuit Court Judge.  I have seen his devotion to equal justice, bringing people together to solve problems and insisting on all views getting a fair hearing in the years we’ve worked together at Decalogue Society of Lawyers.  As President of Decalogue, Mike’s strong, calm leadership spurred us to take on new public service projects.  He has demonstrated the personal and professional qualities we need in Circuit Court Judges.”
State Senator Arthur L. Berman (Ret.)

"Michael is one of the most honest men in the profession and would serve the Bench with dignity.  His talent and integrity are widely regarded not only by his friends and co-workers but also by his opponents.  I firmly believe that Michael is one of the highest qualified candidates for Judge that I have seen over the years.  He exceeds every standard we as a Bar Association have set for judges."
Jennifer M. Sender, Past President Women's Bar Association of Illinois

"It takes a tremendous human being to unselfishly give of himself as Mr. Strom has done for South Shore's mock trial team. Mr. Strom understands the issues that are at play in economically and racially diverse communities. He recognizes the great responsibility that comes with the privilege of membership in our profession - to use our legal talent, time and resources for the betterment of our communities. There absolutely is no better lawyer to serve the people of Illinois as a judge."
Jamala S. McFadden, a former South Shore high school student mentored by Michael, 
now a Partner at McFadden, White, Sprattlin & Davis LLC, Atlanta GA
Jamala's success story and Michael's mentoring role
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Volunteers for the Strom campaign collected over 3000 signatures
 to put Michael on the ballot for the March primary.  
Volunteers and contributors gathered for a holiday party December 9.

Many thanks to my Honorary Co-Hosts David Orr (see photo) and Sen. Dick Durbin for their support. Sen. Durbin was tied up in D.C., but his son Paul (see photo) came in his stead to wish our efforts good luck. Michael Traison & Miller Canfield hosted the event, & I am very grateful for their hospitality, kindness and the fine facility. Kristin Lems provided the music, and I had the opportunity to thank our volunteers for the great job gathering well over our target of 3000 signatures. No petition challenges, we are on the ballot.